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Daily Devotions
A.W. Tozer Daily Devotional

» Our Infinite Worth in Christ
No matter how insignificant he may have been before, a man becomes significant the moment he has had an encounter with the Son of God. When the Lord lays His hand upon a man, that man ceases at once to be ordinary. He immediately becomes extraordinary, and his life takes on cosmic significance. The angels in heaven take notice of him and go forth to become his ministers (Hebrews 1:14). Though the man had before been only one of the faceless multitude, a mere cipher in the universe, an invisible dust grain blown across endless wastes--now he gets a face and a name and a place in the scheme of meaningful things. Christ knows His own sheep “by name.” A young preacher introduced himself to the pastor of a great metropolitan church with the words, “I am just the pastor of a small church upcountry.” “Son,” replied the wise minister, “there are no small churches.” And there are no unknown Christians, no insignificant sons of God. Each one signifies, each is a “sign” drawing the attention of the Triune God day and night upon him. The faceless man has a face, the nameless man a name, when Jesus picks him out of the multitude and calls him to Himself.

A.B. Simpson Daily Devotional

» Simpson Devotional - Thursday, April 27, 2017
Spiritual conditions are inseparably connected with our physical life. The flow of the divine life-currents may be interrupted by a little clot of blood; the vital current may leak out through a very small wound. If you want to keep the health of Christ, keep from all spiritual infections, from all heart wounds and irritations. One hour of worry will wear out more vitality than a week of work; one minute of malice or jealousy or envy will hurt more than a drink of poison. Pleasantness of spirit and joyousness of heart are essential to full health. Quietness of spirit, gentleness, tranquility and the peace of God that passes all understanding are worth more than all the sleeping pills in the country. We do not wonder that some people have poor health when we hear them talk for half an hour. They have enough dislikes, prejudices, doubts and fears to exhaust the strongest constitution. My friend, if you would maintain God's life and strength, keep out the things that kill it. Keep yourself for Him and for His work, and you will find enough and to spare. The sweetness of the lips -Proverbs 16:21

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