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Daily Devotions
A.W. Tozer Daily Devotional

» Hating Evil and Loving Good
When Jesus was on earth, He was not the passive, colorless, spineless person He is sometimes made out to be in paintings and literature. He was a strong man, a man of iron will. He was able to love with an intensity of love that burned Him up. He was able to hate with the strongest degree of hatred against everything that was wrong and evil and selfish and sinful. Invariably someone will object when I make a statement like that. "I cannot believe such things about Jesus. I always thought it was a sin to hate!" Study long and well the record and the teachings of Jesus while He was on earth. In them lies the answer. It is a sin for the children of God not to hate what ought to be hated. Our Lord Jesus loved righteousness, but He hated iniquity. I think we can say He hated sin and wrong and evil perfectly! If we are committed, consecrated Christians, truly disciples of the crucified and risen Christ, there are some things we must face. We cannot love honesty without hating dishonesty. We cannot love purity without hating impurity. We cannot love truth without hating lying and deceitfulness.

A.B. Simpson Daily Devotional

» Simpson Devotional - Saturday, February 17, 2018
Some Christians rise in larger proportion than is becoming. They can tell, and others can tell, how many souls they bring to Christ. Their labor seems to crystallize and become its own memorial. Other Christians seem to blend so completely with their fellow workers that their individuality can scarcely be traced. Yet, this is the most Christlike ministry of all, for even the Master Himself does not appear in the work of the Church except as her hidden Life and ascended Head, and the Holy Spirit is lost in the vessels that He uses. The vine does not bear the fruit, it is the little branches which bear all the clusters and seem to have all the honor of the vintage. Even the sap is unseen in its ceaseless flow. And so, the nearer we come to Christ the more we are willing to lose sight of ourselves, and let others be more prominent. We uphold them by the silent ministry of our love and prayer. Lord, let me be like the veiled seraphim before the throne, who cover their faces and their feet, and hide themselves and their service while they fly to obey Thee. Your life is hid -Colossians 3:3

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