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Daily Devotions
A.W. Tozer Daily Devotional

» Christian Sin?
There is another kind of sin which for sheer turpitude must rate before those mentioned and very near to the sin that is unpardonable. It is the kind that has become incorporated into the structure of popular religion and is necessary to its success. From this kind of sin I have never known anyone to turn away after it got working for him. It appears to destroy its victims utterly. So no one will be left guessing let me be specific. I refer to the methods used by various leaders to promote Christianity, by means of which they gain some kind of success but which are themselves basically evil. Here are a few examples: Telling falsehoods about the size of crowds, the number responding to the invitation and the impression made upon the city. Using the tricks of psychology known to every showman, piously pretending that they are the very workings of the Holy Spirit. Humbly praying for things in the presence of persons known to be well off and suggestible, and then devoutly testifying to answered prayer. Building a big reputation for being men of faith when the whole procedure is based upon a shrewd knowledge of human nature. Retaining publicity men to keep their names before the public and allowing the impression to get abroad that it is all the result of spontaneous public interest.

» Christian Sin?
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A.B. Simpson Daily Devotional

» Simpson Devotional - Thursday, August 16, 2018
Oh, how it helps and comforts us in the plodding of life to know that we have with us the Christ who spent the first thirty years of His life swinging a hammer in the carpenter shop at Nazareth, covered with sweat and grimy dust, physically weary as we often are, and able to understand all our experiences of drudgery and labor! Moreover, He still loves to share our common tasks and equip us for our difficult undertakings of hand and brain. Yes, housewife, He will help you at the kitchen range and sink as gladly as at the hour of prayer. Yes, busy laborer, He will go with you and help you to swing the hammer, or handle the saw, or hold the plow in the soil of life. You will be a better mechanic, a more skilled workman, a more successful man because you take His wisdom for the common affairs of life. There is no place or time where Jesus is not able and willing to walk by our side, to work through our hand and minds, and to unite Himself in loving and caring partnership with all our needs and tasks and trials. In this way He proves Himself our all-sufficiency for all things. I am with you always -Matthew 28:20

» Simpson Devotional - Thursday, August 16, 2018
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